The following services are for clients for whom quality, smooth and customized implementation are equally important.

During the implementation process of my services, I work together with outstanding professionals, with whom we place great emphasis on finding creative ideas and solutions, reliability and meeting deadlines all the time.

I would suggest my services to entrepreneurs, freelancers and small/medium sized companies who recognize the importance of professional communication, thus assuring that their customers learn about their activities in high-quality forms as well as clear and transparent manner.


The creation of a communication strategy is the cornerstone of professional communication: encapsulates the case description, the clients’ values and goals, a personalized action plan , which takes into consideration all the communication and marketing goals, tools that lead to effective communication.

Prior to the completion of a communication strategy, I am always keen on to get to know my clients’ mission, goals and their specific activities as much as possible through our personal encounters. Following our meetings, I launch the preparation of communication strategy which takes into consideration the market conditions and opportunities.

My work is not limited to preparation of the strategy, but it also includes also its realization and follow-up, with constant reports of essential elements/ details to my clients.

Consultations, which are deemed necessary to the preparation of the communication strategy are free.


A long-term business success is greatly determined by branding and corporate identity design, therefore this step should be entrusted to professionals and the investment will generate a greater return.

Preceding the identity planning phase, I focus on getting know my clients’ mission, activities and their plans in overall. After summarizing these points, we create such corporate identities which represent my clients’ messages in the best way. Nowadays, the professional identity design or branding – application of unique and transparent logos, well-chosen fonts, colors and motifs – is crucial and essential in order to succeed in the business world. Let me help you to create and build up your brand!


Through my work, I encounter companies on a regular basis which forget about the fact, the website developers will not design and write the customers’ websites because it is not their profession, nor their responsibility.

Although creating a website is an important element of corporate identity design, I want to deal with this task separately. The website is a communication tool with which who are interested in your business meet for the first time and form a picture about your activities according to that. For this reason it is very important, that our website has to be creative, unique, transparent and clear, in addition also easy to use, quick and responsive.

Me and my colleagues will help that you to reach out to your customers through a modern, relevant and eye-catching website.
I prepare websites in Hungarian and English.


Whether talking about a brochure, flyer, advertisement, commercial, article or video text, all of these will lack real impact without employing proper grammar, stylistics or spelling.

However, it is equally important that we communicate our messages with our customers clearly, honestly and faithfully. I will be your help in this! You can trust my services in this regard.
My content and copywriting services are available in Hungarian and English.


I possess years of experience in organizing corporate team buildings and trainings, partner visits, conferences, professional events and exhibition presentations.

Your business partners visit you again and you do not know what kind of programs to organize for them?
Would you like to organize a special and memorable team-building for your team?
Which is the best venue for your next workshop, conference or business breakfast in Budapest?
How should an exhibition stand and its related communication tools look like?

These are the questions which I will not only answer, but deliver the organization of these events for you as well. I am ready to organize your events in Budapest or in all over Hungary.