Why work with a freelancer?

Being a freelancer is a lifestyle, above all the lifestyle of brave ones. But it's also the lifestyle of free spirits, creatives, reliables and many more/the list goes on. By 2020, over 50% of the US and UK population will work as freelancers.

In the field of PR, communication and marketing diversity and change are vital as the relaxed environment for a high level of creativity. No wonder, that in this sphere we meet most of the freelancers, who are high achievers, specifically because of this invigorating work method.

As a freelancer my key advantages are the following:


As a freelancer it is only natural for me to breathe together with you, to be equally enthusiastic about your goals and aspirations.

I listen carefully to my clients and I care about their thoughts. I adjust quickly to their needs and I take great care to understand their story, ideas, values and what they stand for.

There is no business or project too small for me: I will treat you and your business aspirations with the full respect and attention each business endeavour deserves.


As a freelancer I work with flexible schedules and on a project basis. Thanks to this, I can manage and prioritize my orders aiming realistic and efficient deadlines.

As a freelancer, I possess significant market-specific/oriented experience and a wide professional network, which knowledge I will transfer into our joint success.

Briefly, my main goal is to relieve your company of the time-consuming and burdensome tasks in the field of PR, communication and marketing.


You do not incur mandatory contributions after me (tax, sick leave, holiday pay), I do not require your office space and I use my own devices (mobile, laptop).